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tv   [untitled]    May 2, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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comments reflected by others. we all have needs. i would ask do the following in anchoring this discussion and subsequent discussions. that we not think in the short term, but we look at this as an opportunity to build ongoing capacity. my question is simple. we missed an opportunity, mayor lee, to submit a federal application, and one of the things i would hope that we would do in this and subsequent meetings is that we not make our communities interests competitive. with african-americans leaving this city. we already know that. we need a strategy for that. historically, for the last year and a half, we've not had any institutional anchoring in our
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rfp's, rfq's to ensure we are sustaining a commitment to make sure the most vulnerable -- vulnerable people are here. the one and tell them the ethnicity of your caseload? it is african-american. we have a large population in visitation valley that has moved into what has historically been african-american communities and we have a burgeoning tension, and we do not have to. i would ask that we not hear from the parks, but we hear from the people. the people who have to deal with this. when they -- the good to 16th street, 63, district 6. i would hope that we looked at
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the cross pollination of these most vulnerable populations in our city and did not be a d-10 issue, but we look at empirical data for were the highest risk populations are, where emerging populations are in terms of immigrant populations. public safety, jobs, health are synonymous with the highest level of needs in our community. we know that. i would ask respectfully, supervisor -- you know i love you. i would ask respectfully that we respect our people first. and we look at generating revenue and ideas. not saying what we need. we're talking about synergy and strategy. we're talking about a more aggressive position in terms of pursuit at the state and local level. i would respectfully ask that
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when president obama comes to our beautiful city that there be a request put before him that we look at the city and county, which is the city and the municipality, ok? we got some showers here that need no where else. to -- we got some powers here that ain't nowhere else. we are a city and county. we are a consolidated neighborhood. we may have missed our opportunity to be a model for the redevelopment agency. one second, ma'am. 50% of the money has gone to affordable housing. we are not doing ballparks. this is the fact. we need that affordable housing. it need that for black people
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and people -- we need that for black people and people of color and so third-generation immigrants can live here. so, i am thinking that one of the things that we did do to deal with public safety, to deal with land use issues is to now start a commitment for jobs, housing. supervisor cohen: sharon -- >> lets make sure the twitter people are connected to creating affordable housing so people can afford to live and work here and give us their taxes. i want to thank you for tolerating the. because i have to get back to the union. my organization has not been funded in one year. so, i know what it means to live in these times. we all have to get used to that. our focus should be revenue generation. we should put more pressure on
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the fed's. let's create a model and think about the long-term strategy. supervisor cohen: thank you. >> respectfully, thank you. and thank you to this city. and i would like to state thank you to god. we have an opportunity. [applause] supervisor cohen: all right. still ginzberg, i have -- phil ginsberg, a question for you. this is an anonymous question. >> which is that are really passionate speech about revenue and tradeoffs. i would rather charge to see an
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area brother then shutter its. the botanical garden is one small strategy among many a times to replace the money we need to cut would revenue, so we can provide services to our community. we did note joy out of charging -- get no joy out of charging fees. but our primary mission is to keep our parks clean and safe. the botanical garden is a treasure. 25 acres of bliss. 55 acres. tin gardners. do you know how many gardeners i can afford? 3. difficult choices. we get no joy in charging fees. we will fight, fight, fight to raise revenues so we can continue to provide services to our community. supervisor cohen: ok. we have five minutes. i am going to give mayor lee an
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opportunity -- >> [unintelligible] we need to hear from you, supervisors, the mayor, and everybody here. we need to hear from you all. i ask respectfully you make a comment about that. supervisor cohen: all right. that is a fair request. is there anybody on the panel who would like to address this. >> we fully support the program. i think the best news for our department is because of the 2008 and the money we of been able to obtain from the state of california, we are building new direct centers -- rec centers. you talk about social enterprise. here is finding that can begin to address our $1.6 billion of
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means, and to a higher san franciscans. i had the pleasure of working with the mayor and many people at this table. the rec center will be our first project of the gate. we have the sunset rec center. we're fully committed to having san franciscans rebuild our pulls and our parks. -- pools and our parks. >> [unintelligible] >> i think the vast majority of people who work in my department are san franciscans. i do not have the precise number. i am going to say way over 70%. our department is unique. we of multi generational -- i of
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a number of 30-year employees. a number of kids who got jobs in their summer programs that turned into full-time jobs. rec and park has a pipeline within itself. we are focused on hiring san franciscans. supervisor cohen: why don't we -- fred? >> just on the local hire issue, we supported as well. we had 26% last year local hire, which represented $8.1 million in earnings. we have a web-based program that allows us to hold contractors and developers accountable for our goals, which are at 50%. this year, we are looking at
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developing a policy, even though we're already at better than 20% that has been adopted. >> and mayor lee will be the last -- >> [unintelligible] supervisor cohen: excuse me. just a minute. i am giving everyone else and opportunity. just a minute. >> [unintelligible] you did not answer anybody else. i am asking you. supervisor cohen: mr. mayor, can you please articulate your position? >> my position should be clear. local hire is the law of sentences go. it became so last month. i of make -- i have made sure that every department is compliant.
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we have a number of programs. we're working with all the unions to make sure they are in compliance and we have the contractors. there should be no reason and no excuse. i represent the city, and there is no doubt in my mind. this is a priority. i am unequivocal on local hire. that is the policy i believe in. and we will get those jobs into the community where we deserve it. and we will make sure that we do it. i am working with those large contractors. i do not see problems. we got people to solve those problems. everybody is around a table, including supervisor cohen. it is the law. it is the policy. we are embracing it with every single department was contract authority. supervisor cohen: for my position, it is the law, and i
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will continue to support those who supported me. are we clear? >> [unintelligible] you have a responsibility to represent everybody. not only the people who voted for you. the people that you now represent. you have all whole district of representation, my dear. we want you to listen clearly. [unintelligible] obviously, a lot of folks are not here today. we want to make this clear to year, -- to you, that as a representative of the people, you do not say that about who
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supported you. because you do not know the supported you. that is what it is all about. it is about hanging around with people. you do, with your energy and your intelligence and durability -- your ability, you have an opportunity. this specific location and most homeowners, if you have the ability to change things. 4 x 4 with concrete grass to places with families and development. i look forward to working with you. that is what brings you here. that is what takes you out.
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i love you. supervisor cohen: thank you. let's work together. thank you, everyone, for coming out tonight.
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tape 55 >> welcome, this is carl. >> great to meet you. >> great to me you, and i want to thank you for your interest and this is the city's animal shelter. and come in and a lot of people come here to adopt a animal or if they have lost their animal or looking for other animals. and we deal with other animals like birds and rabbits and you name it. this is more to see in this facility and more to see in the community. and i suggest you go with an animal control person and see what they co, whether rescuing animals in distress or hit by a car or dealing with aggressive
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animals or wildlife or a variety of things. you can only get that flavor with them and doing it first hand. >> i have been with animal control for about six years, i spent a year in the kennel and then the office came up and i started doing it and it really fit. it's really the job for me. and animals i have to handle and i know what i am doing, i rarely get scared. [whistle]. we do a lot of investigations and most are not as bad as people report but everyone once in a while they are. and i had one and people had moved out and the dog was in the inside and it makes me teary and when the dog is in the
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backyard, and i can pull an animal out of a horrible environment and feel good. >> where does this animal go after this? >> they go for the shots and then the kennel. >> and if they just found this, and once we enter everything in the computer and they can track to find out if the dog went back home. we hold them for five days. >> this is a stray dog and it came in today and we immobilize it and then put it in a room with food and water. >> and then evaluate for medical behavior and see if anyone is interested in adopting then.
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>> we want to be sure that their behavior is good for the average adopter and not aggression problem, toward people or animals. >> and if they growl and don't bite the hand, she passes that. and good girl, in case she has something in her mouth, we get it out. and one more test, called the startle test and it startled hear but she came to me. and passed the handling test. >> for the mental exam i feel for lumps and bumps. and the ears and see if they are infected and look at the eyes and be sure they are clear and don't have cataracts and
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look at their teeth and heart. this is the first job that i feel i make a dvrngs. -- difference. and we may do 40 to 80 animals a day for treatments. and do blood work and skin scrapings and cultures to diagnose different diseases. and x-rays, i can take an animal that would be euthanized at a different shelter and fix it and get it ready for a home. >> we have a partnership and we let a professional groomer run a private business from our facility and in turn grooms our shelter animals. what is the big deal of that? when someone comes to adopt an animal, if it looks good,
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chances are it will be adopted more. >> and we groom and clean the ears and the works. >> typically a shelter wouldn't have grooming? >> not at all. and these dogs are treated with the utmot -- utmost care that others can't provide. this is a shampoo to bring out the luster. and i feel satisfied in helping the shelter pets be adopted and to be a part of such a wonderful staff, from the top all the way down. if she passes our evaluation, she will stay until she's adopted. if you are interested in adoption and don't want to put them to sleep, that means at a last resort, we will give you a
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call before putting to sleep. you are not bound to the dog, and we would give you a call, and it's an actual adoption and cost $107 and it will be your dog. >> the volunteers to meet are the unsung heroes in this field that take the animals to hope and nurse them to get strong enough to come down and rehome. without volunteers, i would have to be honest to say this wouldn't be much more than a pound. we thank god that we have the number of committed people coming down and helping us out, it makes all the difference in the world. >> when you want to come in and volunteer, you go through a general orientation, about two
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hours. there is a lot of flexibility. and the various programs available, are baseline dog walking. you can work with the cats. you can work with tony's kitty rescue, with the small animals and guinea pigs and birds and chickens. >> you always have an appreciative audience. >> do you feel that what you have learned here helped you with your own dogs? >> the training they don't have? yes. and it's things that you learn, we usually outlive our dogs and every time you get a new one, you have skills to teach them. >> one of the programs is training program and it's staffed by a member of the community and one of the
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programs she has is dog socialization. >> we started this program for canine socialization. and all the dogs available for adoption get to play for two hours. and it's a time for them to get incredible exercise and play with other dogs and we have remedial socialization. and it's incredible the dogs and they get exercise and run and tumble and when most adopters come to look in the afternoon, they are quiet and settled. >> and i want come and someone sees a dog and loves it, it's quick. and after three weekends, i saw him and he connected and i connected and came back.
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>> what is your experience of working with the animals? >> unbelievable. from the guy that is came to the house and everyone here, they are friendly and knowledge believe and -- knowledgeable and they care about the animals. >> and it's a great place to visit and look at the animals and maybe fall in love and take one home. and look at our grooming program and volunteer program and many say, hey, this
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